A Proven Airport Parking Investment

Airports are set to create the fastest growing demand for parking throughout the United Kingdom. Fixed returns of up to 12% over two years.


UK Airport Parking Investment

An investment in two major UK International Airports, Glasgow International Airport which is one of the busiest airports in Scotland with over 7.7 million passengers in 2014 and now London Gatwick which is the 2nd busiest airport in the UK with 40 million passengers in 2014. Both airports expect demand for long stay parking to outstrip supply for years to come.

Proven Investment Opportunity

Following the phenomenal success of the first six car park sites at Glasgow International Airport, the company has now expanded and are developing car park sites at London Gatwick.

The proposition is for investors to purchase individual long stay airport parking spaces that are leased back and managed on your behalf by a well-established airport parking company with over 10 years' experience.

A unique feature of the investment is the on-line booking software and number plate recognition systems which allows for a very hands-off approach to benefit end users and investors alike.

Airport car parking provides higher yields than other traditional 'buy-to-let' investments. The scale of popularity and the rise of interest in car park investments are exemplified by the global market size, which is estimated by Colliers to be worth $12.6 billion.

Investors worldwide understand the need for airport car parking and with many car parks operating at almost full capacity 24/7, 365 days a year, this investment is proving very popular as well as lucrative.

High Yields and Capital Growth

Airport car parking is at a premium and has been a long standing, high yielding corporate investment worldwide.

Single or multiple parking spaces are available to purchase which provide a fixed rental income within the first two years of 8% per annum and projected to rise to 10% in years 3 & 4 and then to over 12% in years 5 & 6.

The Glasgow Airport investment offers a 6 year leaseback of the car parking space(s) upon completion whereas the Gatwick Airport investment offers a guaranteed 2 year lease upon the expiry of which investors will be offered a Lifetime Management agreement.

Each parking space carries a single title deed, which is registered in your own name or that of a company at the Land Registry.

At any time the investor can request that their parking space be re-sold, which will then be marketed on your behalf at a minimum 25% above the initial purchase price, to potential owner-occupiers, business users and other investors.

RICS valuation reports are available on request and show that airport car parking spaces at Glasgow give investors an immediate uplift of £10,000 per space whilst at London Gatwick, the uplift is an impressive £12,500.

Investment opportunities are an accredited and established Master Agent and licenced by the car park owners to offer for sale Airport Car Parking Spaces.

Glasgow International Airport

Glasgow International Airport is rapidly expanding, along with all other main city UK airports. It offers strong long term growth due to the massive expansion of global air travel. Long stay parking is an excellent commercial property investment and a fantastic way to diversify your investment portfolio.

In 2011 there were 2,700 long stay car parking spaces at the airport but the actual number of long stay car parking spaces needed was 15,500 - far greater than the amount provided by the airport’s parking facilities.

Due to the forecast rise in passenger numbers, the report suggests that by 2020 the number of long stay spaces will need to increase to 17,900 to answer to the demand from travellers.

Over £200 million has been invested over the last 10 years. Passenger numbers are projected to rise above 16 million by 2040. These figures are derived from econometric models produced by BAA, which are similar to independent forecasts prepared by the Department for Transport.

London Gatwick Airport – Limited Availability - Phase 1 Sold Out in 48 Hours

Phase 2 launched 1st October 2015 - Sold Out

London Gatwick Airport is just 28 miles south of London and with excellent transport links in and out of the capital, it is quicker to get to Gatwick than any other London airport.

Most UK airports are experiencing rapid growth in passenger traffic as increasing numbers of people travel more frequently, and London Gatwick has seen more growth than most since opening in the 1930´s as an aerodrome but the airport we know today opened in 1958 with just 186,000 passengers passing through the airport in its first year of operation.

There are approximately 36 million drivers in the UK, of which around 60% drive to airports when travelling both within the UK and overseas. As London Gatwick currently has only 24,000 long stay car parking spaces it simply cannot fulfil the high demand for airport parking.

London Gatwick Airport, situated near Crawley, is the second busiest airport in the UK and the busiest single runway airport in the world.

The airport spends an average of £1M per day improving its infrastructure, including resurfacing the main runway, refreshing the forecourts of both terminals and improving facilities.

In 2014 London Gatwick saw 40 million passengers travel through. With more airlines having been incorporated, along with many new destinations, the number of passengers and subsequently demand for parking at London Gatwick already outstrips supply by over 20%. This demand is likely to increase further if the proposal to build a second runway is carried out.

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Investment Highlights

UK Airport Parking Investment

  • Purpose built long stay secure airport car parking at two UK International Airports
  • Investment Opportunity Offering Up To 12% Returns
  • Fixed rental income of 8% per annum during first two years
  • Hands-off managed investment
  • Low risk tangible commercial property asset
  • Capital growth investment opportunity
  • Each investor will have their own title deed registered with the Land Registry
  • Cutting edge car parking technology
  • Multiple parking spaces can be purchased using one land registry title deed
  • Car parks operating at almost full capacity on a daily basis
  • 6 year lease in place upon completion which gives excellent assured returns (only for Glasgow)
  • 2 year lease in place upon completion with option of Lifetime Management (only for Gatwick)
  • Re-sale ‘easy out’ strategy with a 25% projected profit on initial investment
  • Management teams with several years of personal experience
  • No vat on purchase price or rental income.
  • SIPP approved by several major providers (Glasgow only)
  • RICS current valuation available

    "As we have been told, investors in car park 1 that have reached the end of year 2 are receiving 10.2%. If the investor continues with the lease they will receive (currently) 10.2% for the next 2 years. Even though the return of 10.2% is to be paid for the next 2 years it cannot be stated as a guarantee." At the end of year 4 the yield will be revised again and the return will be calculated according to the current market situation.