A unique opportunity to invest

In the renovation of listed buildings in Germany, offering a minimum fixed yield of 10% per annum.


German Property Bond

This investment opportunity provides UK based Investors with an opportunity to invest in a unique structure.

The Structure

This structure utilises the asset class of listed buildings in the country of Germany.

The investment fund operated by purchasing listed buildings in major urban areas such as Hannover, Stuttgart and Leibzig, which are then subsequently sold to German citizens for a profit.

The German Government

The preservation of listed buildings is a major priority for the German Government, who passed in to law new legislations to incentivise property developers to refurbish listed buildings.

Under German Governments tax legislation, high rate taxpaying German citizens are allowed significant Tax Breaks on the refurbishment costs of specific buildings making the investment an attractive and viable proposition.

The German tax legislation that makes this such an attractive and viable proposition is highly unlikely to change in the current economic climate. This is because the German Government is eager to have listed buildings, which are often in a derelict condition, refurbished at no expense to the exchequer.

The Company

The Company offering the investment opportunity have an excellent track record having already completed over 200 such listed building projects throughout Germany dating back to the 1980's. With a network of offices in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Singapore, they were recently awarded a 1 Credit Rating by respected independent credit rating agency Hoppenstedt Kreditinformationen GmbH.

A rating of “1” is the best possible result for an individual company and places them in the top 4% best rated companies in the German business community.

The Company only purchase and renovate listed buildings in prime locations offering the German buyers excellent rental opportunities once the listed building are renovated and ready for occupancy. Strict and detailed Due Diligence is carried out on each property prior to purchase.

In addition, an exclusive agreement has been reached a major Property Fund Provider, who have agreed to purchase a minimum of €100m worth of property from The Company per annum, over the next five years.

The Company is extremely well positioned to take advantage of the considerable demand from German citizens for the purchase of listed building projects.

First Legal Charge

The Investor’s capital and interest is secured on the building by a first legal charge.

This first legal charge is registered with the German Land Registry and is held by an appointed Independent Security Trustee. It is the Security Trustee’s duty to ensure the investor's funds are safeguarded and interests protected.

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Investment Highlights

German Bond

  • 5 Year Term
  • Fixed minimum rate of return of 10% per annum
  • The investment is secured with a FIRST Legal Charge on the underlying asset class, which is German Listed Buildings
  • The company behind the investment has a proven & fully auditable track record.
  • Detailed Due Diligence pack available with professional scrutiny encouraged
  • The activity that generates the return resides in Germany
  • The investment is SIPP Approved