Fixed Income Property Investment

Offering a 10-12% annual returns from acquiring suitable commercial properties to develop into residential accommodation in key UK locations.


Fixed Income Property Investment

This investment opportunity is offering £6 million of property loan notes with each note redeemable at the end of the second year and paying fixed returns of 10% - 12% per annum. Investors can choose an income option which pays simple interest bi-annually or a growth option offering the same fixed returns but with compounded interest and a 4% bonus on initial capital invested.

Loan Notes

A key feature of the investment is the security provided by way of a first legal charge, registered at the Land Registry, and held by the Security Trustees on behalf of investors.

The Property Loan Notes will take advantage of the prime property market in key UK locations to purchase commercial properties and develop these into residential accommodation.

The UK company offering the investment have over 13 years´ experience in the property sector, with a substantial portfolio which includes development, management, consultancy, joint ventures and property loans.

For the individual entering the property market costs can be high and there may be barriers to entry in regard to some of the most desirable assets. However, the fixed income property investment opportunity offers a short-term, high return fixed income for investors.


The company intends to use the funds raised to acquire suitable commercial properties, and strategically renovate and manage these assets to achieve the fixed returns.

Investment will provide a fixed double-digit return, and allow investors to benefit from opportunities in the property market without management commitment or concentration of investment in any one property.

The company will take full advantage of current market conditions to acquire assets and once the properties have been converted they will become a commercial asset whose underlying value, whilst linked, would not be reliant on the variable housing market price index.

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Investment Highlights

Fixed Income Property Investment

  • Double-digit fixed annual returns
  • Asset backed with security trustee
  • Income and growth options
  • Hands-off UK property investment
  • Developer with a proven track record
  • Low entry level
  • Short term - 24 months
  • Clear exit strategy