An Innovative Investment Opportunity

Investing in a Pioneering Car Finance Company offering 15% per annum returns over 3 years.


Car Finance Investment

An opportunity to invest in a pioneering innovative car finance company.

The Product

The Product consists of a unique car finance system utilizing traditional lending methods coupled with additional security offered using the latest technology.

The Company typically places clients that previously could not attract finance to ultimately own and purchase the quality vehicle. It is also common that this category of customer will return to us for finance as they typically will go where a finance house has finally said YES to them as they cannot get finance elsewhere.

At present most vehicles are purchased second hand through accredited sources, sold via the car dealership, who repair and fully service the vehicle to ready for sale to the client.

About The Company

The Company offering the investment have been recognised by many vehicle sales companies in the UK and approaches have been made to them from main distributors with potential sales of hundreds and thousands of vehicles per month.

In order to achieve the very speedy expansion of the company they require a rolling line of cash injection. Monthly investment that can be realistically handled stands at approximately £5m per calendar month. Once met commitment to additional mainstream car dealers can be provided.

They aim to attract investment of £240 million over the course of five years which will all be used for secured lending purposes. The repayments each month (capital and interest) will be re-lent with a view to compounding the returns.

Each client is personally vetted for their ability to make repayments and generally 90% plus are found to be acceptable when they may have been refused finance elsewhere. At present each client still has to pay an initial deposit but it is hoped in the future that this may be able to be dispensed with which will dramatically increase sales further.

Returns for the Investor

There are two investment options available:

  • The 3 year investment option offers 15% returns per annum and returns paid on a six monthly basis.
  • The 18 month investment option offers 12% returns per annum and returns paid on a six monthly basis.

Additional Investment Security

Not only is every vehicle loaned to the clients fully insured against non payment but each vehicle is installed with a unique tracking system that can pin point its position to within 5 metres anywhere in the world.

The system is fully computerised and highlights when monthly payments have not been made which generates contact with the client. Should non payment continue the next time that the vehicle is switched off the electronics are automatically disconnected remotely via the computerised tracking system for the next start up time thus rendering the vehicle immobile.

It is acknowledged that payments may be affected by personal circumstances. In that case The Company will work with the client to try to put them back on a secure payment track. It has been found that should a default situation arise once it does not happen again as the client has realised that their proud possession will no longer move!

As an Investor the added and ultimate level of security provided comes by virtue of the legal charge registered at Companies House on the company’s assets over the loan book (protecting your investment capital and you will receive a certificate of investment for your participation).

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Investment Highlights

Car Finanace Investment

  • 18-36 month investment options
  • 12-15% returns per annum available with returns paid six monthly
  • 20% returns per annum with returns paid 12 monthly (3 year option only)
  • Low minimum entry level
  • Innovative Technology
  • Cash investment
  • Secured Investment over the loan book of the Company
  • UK investment